Central Gardens depends upon volunteers to keep the grounds beautiful, welcome our over 15,000 annual visitors, help with our many events, assist with office tasks, and do a myriad of other jobs.  Just click here to let our director of operations, know of your interest, and she’ll put you to work!

If gardening is your passion, you can help us with planting, watering, weeding, and pruning. We have over thirty-five volunteers who have adopted a specific garden and nurture it throughout the growing season.  Others like to roam the grounds looking for wherever they can offer TLC.  For a more “formal” experience, come join other like-minded and generous volunteers on “Down and Dirty” Wednesdays from 7 pm-8:30 pm.  We’ll have a to-do list!

If you don’t have a green thumb, but appreciate what the Gardens has to offer, we have a number of other ways you can be of service. All our numerous summer events are planned and staffed by volunteers.  The Fresh on Friday crew needs folks willing to cut and arrange bouquets.  Children’s programming on Fresh on Friday’s requires lots of helping hands.  New events will require hosts and hostesses.

Maybe your skills are more suited to the culinary arts.  In that case, we would love to have you supply goodies for Fresh on Fridays, our summer garden party, miscellaneous tour events, and other gatherings.

Or perhaps you’d like to play a behind-the-scenes role by helping us with office tasks like mailing our newsletter or addressing invitations.  There’s plenty to do.

Whether you can spare an hour a week or an hour a day, know that we welcome your gifts of time and talent.


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