Preservation Celebration

In 2020, we decided to hold the Preservation Celebration as a virtual event.

We released a series of resources, interviews, and demos to our online audience to educate and empower all in the art of preservation.

This could not have been made possible without each of these people and organizations playing a part and gathering resources to share for this event.

The Preservation Celebration this year consisted of two main focuses, preservation of the environment and preservation of food.

It comes at a timely time when many of you have vegetables galore from gardening, the Farmer's Market or a friend's garden- not to mention the abundance of North Iowa apples!

Feel free to use this library of resources to be informed and empowered to take the next step in Preservation.

 Environmental Preservation

Iowa Waste Exchange


Association for the Preservation of Clear Lake

Watch the Powerpoint!

Visit their website!


Visit their website!

Learn about upcycling ingredients

Sourdough Recipe using NetZRO Flour

Healthy Harvest of North Iowa's Upcycled Pancake Recipe

Online Store to buy Upcycled Flours

Seed Savers

Visit their website!

Be sure to grab a catalog from the Clear Lake Library!


A great resource on composting!

Visit their website!

Food Preservation

Quick Pickling

Online recipe for quick pickling

Iowa State Extension

Sow-Grow-Eat-Keep from Iowa State Extension

Preserve the Taste of Summer from Iowa State Extension

Freezing Vegetables

Canning Vegetables