Hero’s Walk bricks for sale

he·ro /ˈhirō/ noun: HERO: a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. Heroes come in many forms and, as Memorial Day approaches, we are mindful of those who served valiantly in our nation’s military to protect democracy and freedom. During the coronavirus pandemic, north Iowans have been inspired by many heroes who have also risked their well-being in service to others. We are grateful for health care workers, public safety employees, volunteer firefighters, grocery store clerks and stockers, educators, small business owners, our own volunteers, and all the others who have been on the front lines in this challenging time. Still other heroes include mentors, leaders, and artists who inspire us and lift humanity.

Because heroic service, no matter its form, should always be cherished and celebrated, Central Gardens is opening a new Hero’s Walk comprised of bricks honoring your heroes’ service. Your heros’ bricks will be placed near the Sentinel, and rest easy under its guard. And, for a limited time, until June 15 th, any brick purchase for the Hero’s Walk is offered at a discounted rate of $150* per brick, a $100 savings! We’ll also send a personalized card to the recipient to let them know of your generosity and thoughtfulness! To honor a military veteran, simply specify their name, branch of service, and the years served (e.g., Douglas Lindaman - US Army - 1970-72). These bricks serve to honor any family member or friend who served in the armed forces, not only those who were killed in action.
To honor a coronavirus hero, please identify the person’s name and occupation for the first and second lines and we’ll add a third line that reads “C-VIRUS 2020” (e.g., Mary Smith - Grocery Worker – C-VIRUS 2020).

Please tell us about your inspirational heroes as well, providing the name and role of the person and add a third line to the brick if you wish (e.g., Enfys McMurray – Mentor – IHCC 1980).
Let these heroes know how greatly they are appreciated and provide testimony to their legacies.
Brick inscriptions may include up to thirteen (13) characters per line in three (3) lines, including spaces. Installation should be completed this fall. For more information about our brick and paver programs, obtain an order form, and to order bricks, please contact us at info@centralgardensnorthiowa.com or visit our website at www.centralgardensnorthiowa.com

*This discounted price applies only to bricks purchased for the Hero’s Walk and not to other memorials or anniversary brick purchases.

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