Plant Sale

Watch for Spring-Up Plant Sales!

Anyone else anxious to get out and start digging in the dirt? We know we can’t host our usual Plant Sale & Gardening Fair this year so we’re focusing on things we can do by offering Spring-Up plant sales.

This is what will happen. Spring-Up sales will be held periodically until the first day of summer, June 20th. We hope to host the first Spring-Up sale mid-May and will host others as plants are available.

Are you one who thinned out plants from your garden to bring to the sale? You still can. Go and dig and pot up your plants! Give them a week or two to perk up from the transplanting. Then email us or send a Facebook message to let us know you have plants to bring to the Gardens. We will get back to you to set a time to meet you at the Gardens for delivery.

Are you one who usually comes to the Plant Sale & Gardening Fair to buy plants? You still can. As gardeners bring in their potted plants, we’ll send notice of a Spring-Up sale on Facebook, spread the plants out on the lawn, and you can come shop at the Gardens.

Please be assured Central Gardens will follow the then current guidelines set forth by the Governor and city officials that serve to contain the coronavirus, including compliance with social distancing, limiting crowds, and neutralizing the exchange of money.

Stay connected with Central Gardens Facebook page and website for Spring Up sales. Let’s make the best of these times and support your gardens and ours!

Plant Sale


Gardens are now open!CLICK HERE for rules