Bricks & Pavers

In order to enhance the experience of all visitors to the Gardens, the Board of Directors of Central Gardens early on adopted a policy to restrict placing the names of donors on most all of the gardens’ properties, except for designated spaces.  There is an opportunity to have donors’ names and recognition on bricks and pavers placed within the gardens on pathways and in designated areas.  A brick or paver often marks a milestone in the life or lives of the donor, such as, birthdays, a date of marriage, as officer or member of a club, or as a past teacher at the school that once occupied the garden space.  Bricks and pavers also are purchased in tribute to established groups, clubs, and graduating classes.

Engraved bricks are available for at a cost of $250 and then placed into appropriate donor-designated areas within the gardens.  Similarly, large pavers, that can include more information (or even poems and writings)  may be purchased for $700 and are placed in the Gardens.  For information about purchasing a brick or paver either send an email or call our offices at 641-357-0700.

Download Brick Paver Order Form Download 16x16 Granite Paver Order Form Download 24x24 Granite Paver Order Form