Jody Hamilton, of Clear Lake, was hired as Executive Director beginning December 1, 2015.  Previously she had been a volunteer and served on the board for a short time.  Hamilton, a native of New Hampton, served as Business Manager at Comprehensive Systems in Charles City for 12 years and was City Clerk/Finance Office in both Charles City for 21 years and Knoxville, Iowa for 3 years as well as working at an Omaha hospital for 3 years prior to retirement.  Besides volunteering at the Surf Ballroom and the Clear Lake Arts Center, Jody is also president-elect of the Clear Lake Rotary Club and a new member of the 21st Century Club of Clear Lake.  She loves Clear Lake and is very excited about having this opportunity to be Executive Director of this beautiful, regional, public gardens.  Her duties focus on fund-raising, membership expansion and continued beautification of Central Gardens.