Central Gardens of North Iowa, Inc. is offering an employment opportunity for a Groundskeeper position in 2018.  For more information, contact Troyce Fisher, Board President.

Job Description:

Central Gardens of North Iowa, Inc., Groundskeeper (Download description)

Central Gardens of North Iowa, Inc.

800 Second Avenue North

Clear Lake, Iowa 50428


Overall Description:  The summer CGNI groundskeeper’s duties are primarily to ensure that the gardens within Central Gardens are appropriately weeded, watered, and otherwise cared for to provide optimal growing conditions and enhance the beauty of the Gardens.  Other duties include upkeep and care of the grounds, water feature, walkways, bridges, etc.

Primary Responsibilities: 

  1. Water gardens daily (or as needed).
  2. Weed gardens that are not adopted by volunteers, as needed.
  3. Assist with mulching and other garden duties as overseen by plants manager and grounds supervisor.
  4. Participate with volunteers during weekly “down and dirty” garden clean up activities and in pre-season opening garden readying and post-season garden closing activities.
  5. Assist with Fresh on Fridays bouquet cutting responsibilities as requested by Fresh on Fridays volunteer personnel.
  6. Proactively engage in other grounds maintenance and enhancement activities as needed.
  7. Be an ambassador for Central Gardens in interactions with visitors and guests.

Collaborative Working Relationships: The summer CGNI groundskeeper is expected to work in collaboration with the volunteer plants manager, the volunteer grounds supervisor, and the volunteer chair of the CGNI design committee who will provide overall direction regarding duties and priorities, as well as with the volunteer garden adopters who do weekly gardening tasks in their respective gardens.  The groundskeeper’s work performance is evaluated by the executive director, in collaboration with the plants manager, the grounds supervisor, and the chair of the design committee.

Compensation:  Wages are $15/hour for a maximum of 32 hours per week for the equivalent of twelve weeks.  Daily hours are flexible based on needs and activities in Central Gardens.  Groundskeeper has some flexibility in determining hours; however, duties must be performed according to optimal conditions for plants to thrive.

Working Conditions:  The job requires working outdoors so the groundskeeper must be willing to work in a wide-range of weather conditions, be able to lift at least 50 lbs. comfortably, be able to physically haul hoses, bend over to weed, and perform other physically demanding tasks.  The groundskeeper must be willing to learn to or be able to drive a small tractor and operate other small machinery and tools.

Central Gardens of North Iowa, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

Interested candidates should forward electronically an application form in a timely fashion. The form asks that the candidate submit contact information; work, volunteer, and education history; names and contact information of three references that can speak with deep knowledge of the applicant’s skills, work ethic, and character; and an official transcript. Send completed application materials by May 1 to: 

Troyce Fisher, Board President 

Central Gardens of North Iowa, Inc. 

PO Box 735

Clear Lake, IA 50428