Mary Stealy

Mary Stealy of Ventura, joined the board of Central Gardens in 2012.  Mary has been a member of the Clear Lake Friendly Garden Club since 1989 and worked for 3 summers at Natural Plus Nursery.  Flowers are a passion of hers and she believes that one can never have too many flowers. She knows that Fresh on Fridays is an awesome time for getting a fresh bouquet of flowers at the Gardens and she enjoys helping with that event.  Mary also enjoys sharing flowers from her many gardens to add to those being auctioned at the June Garden Party and for Fresh on Fridays’ bouquets.  Mary enjoys working with the board members for there is always new information shared that increases her knowledge of gardening.  She recognizes the important role volunteers play an enormous part in providing guests with the peaceful and beautiful Gardens.  She asks others to “Come join us and dig up a little dirt and get the scoop on what is going on in the Gardens!"

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